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“They’re angels,”

declares Bruce, 66, who managed to avoid back surgery with the help of the multidisciplinary centre In Temple Fortune, which offers a wide range of innovative treatments alongside osteopathy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, acupuncture and psychotherapy.

The sense of relief one experiences after finding a practitioner who can stop chronic pain is indescribable, and that was Bruce’s experience when physiotherapist Eva Hadjidemetri cured his severe spinal problem some years ago, followed by physio after a knee replacement and healing for residual pain from open heart surgery.

“Eva is extraordinary,”

kvells Bruce, who has been doing the daily exercises on the Sutherland.life YouTube channel. “People come from all over Europe for treatment with Eva, her partner Judith Landhausser, and the other experts who work with them. In normal circumstances, I visit the clinic weekly out of necessity, so I need them more than ever now.” Relaxing of restrictions means the clinic can open on 1 June, but with reduced appointments. “We have all the personal protective equipment in place, as protecting our patients is paramount,” explains Eva. Appointments will be staggered, but it’s likely Bruce will be front of the queue.

I have been receiving cranial osteopathy at the practice for many years. It was suggested that FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) therapy might help with my insomnia that had recently been aggravated by jet lag. Initially I was sceptical about the therapy but after three treatments with physiotherapist Anna Steele-Finkelstein my sleeping patterns began to noticeably improve and are now considerably better. The practice is friendly and welcoming and I would recommend it for all kinds of complementary treatments and physiotherapy. Prices are comparable with other similar practices. Anna Hodgson
A .Hodgson

I am so grateful I found the Clear Passage treatment with practitioner and physiotherapist Judith Landhausser and I give my absolut highest recommendations.

I went to the clinic in december 2018 for treatment with Judith Landhausser. I live in Denmark so the London clinic at the Sutherland House Natural Health Center is the closest Clear Passage-clinic for me and it was most definitely worth the travel.
I have been diagnosed with servere SIBO three years ago and have since then been on intensive cyclic antibiotic treatment every 4-6 weeks in order to keep my recurrent symptoms at bay. I have therefore been very keen on finding other ways to improve my everyday life and if possible get better.
The 20 hours of treatment with Judith was absolutely amazing. She is without doubt one of the most skilled and dedicated practitioners I have met and I got so much more from the one weeks treatment than I had imagined.
As part of the Clear Passage-protocol I got thorough instructions on how to maintain the treatment with exercises and self-treatment at home.
It has now been a little over half a year since the treatment and the effect has made a huge difference in my life. My SIBO has significantly improved and at the moment I have been able to go five month without any antibiotics, which is absolutely fantastic.
I am so grateful for Judiths treatment and for the Clear Passage-method – it has given me hope for the future by showing me that it is possible to get better from my SIBO.

A M R Bjerring

6 months ago my husband had a hiatus hernia operation as the top of his stomach was wrapped around his oesophagus.
Unfortunately the surgeon made the passage too tight and my husband was in a lot of pain after the operation and was hardly able to eat or drink. As a result he lost 2 stones and became very weak. Seeing him in so much pain was not easy and we looked into ways to help him.
The option of having another operation was not available to him because his heart was weak.
We visited Sutherland House Natural Health Centre and were offered FSM (frequency specific microcurrent). The treatment was very pleasant, gentle and non-invasive.
After each session my husband improved. He started to sleep at night, eat more and gradually put on weight.
We decided to write about this experience in the hope that it could help others going through similar things. There are other perhaps less well-known treatments out there like FSM that can help so much! We recommend this treatment highly and Eva was so nice and helpful.

Impulse Dance

I have been dealing with eczema for almost my whole life and, after being recommended to see Marina Townsley, all I can say is, i wish I had found her earlier! Not only have I experienced a dramatic improvement within a few months but I now have no need of medication or prescribed creams/ointments. Marina has an insightful and sympathetic approach, and has guided me through a better understanding of nutrition and use of natural-based products, specific to my needs and lifestyle. Also, I recently had just two FSM sessions for my asthma and I don’t seem to need my inhaler during exercise anymore! Highly recommended!
N. Chong

Having tried and obtained temporary relief from seeing physiotherapists and taking pain relief medications in the past for treating 2 degenerative discs in my lower back, I was prompted to try the FSM treatment offered at Sutherland Clinic.

As someone who was quite sceptical to begin with I decided to book myself in for a consultation.

By the end of my first treatment I was shocked to say the least… my pain dramatically reduced. I was speechless! All I did was lay on the treatment table and the non-invasive equipment was connected.

After several treatments, I now am enjoying great health pain free! I still come back from time-to-time for top-ups 🙂

My family, friends and I have nothing but praise for Eva and her team in delivering an outstanding level of professionalism and treatment which actually works for the long term. Her caring nature, willingness and in-depth knowledge is second to none.

As one of the only treatment centres in the country offering FSM (frequency specific micro-current), please take advantage of this incredible service and live pain free 🙂

J. Bay

Sutherland house has the most welcoming and comforting environment the energy they give out is absolutely memorising ! I have had the fsm treatment for shock and trauma I can’t explain how outstanding the results where for me . Thank you Eva so much .
M. Ioannou

This is a wonderful clinic. I went with the start of a frozen shoulder Eva, my Physio treated it with a micro-current therapy from the US called FSM – I went hardly being able to move my arm and after one session I would say it was 80% better with full range of motion – quite miraculous. Highly recommend the clinic, Eva and FSM therapy
S. Haskel

I was recommended to this clinic by a friend and was, at first, sceptical due to the lack of recovery I had made during other rehabilitation efforts from other clinics. However from the very first treatment I received I immediately felt a big improvement in my condition, and was more so impressed with the level of service provided by the team and the specialist knowledge they possessed. I underwent 6 sessions for my specific injury and by the end of the course I couldn’t have been happier with the effectiveness of the treatment, the friendly and knowledgable staff and the advice given to me to take away. I have recommended this to friends and will happily do so in future.
S. Vassiliou

I decided to visit this clinic after growing frustrated by the lack of progress I made during my rehabilitation through conventional physiotherapists. I was suffering with long term back and shoulder pains due to the nature of my work, and after a consultation with my therapist Eva I decided to go ahead with the treatments. I noticed a big improvement in my condition after the very first session and continually grew stronger after every session, to the point where I had made a full recovery after a handful of treatments. I am comforted in the knowledge that if I were to ever experience any such problems again I know that the knowledgeable team at Sutherland House would be able to assist me and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has similar problems.
A. Vassiliou

My little boy, had a cranio Osteopathy treatment done by Sarojni. The treatment really helped him, he suffered from tummy pain and lack of sleep. I would definitely recommend to visit Sutherland House, it’s full of professionals, the staff is lovely and welcoming and the place is very relaxing. Love the fish tank, very calming 🙂
V. Safarova

Eva, Judith and the team at Sutherland House are remarkable! When I went to them, I could hardly walk. Three old injuries to my ankle including two breaks and one injury in which it was crushed have caused such severe, debilitating pain that I was barely walking with a cane.

As a longtime massage therapist, I was also developing debilitating pain in my hands and wrists. I think 45,000 hours of treating patients over the last 30 years was just too much; I felt my body breaking down. That’s when I saw Eva and Judith at Sutherland House.

In just a few short sessions, Eva had me walking so well that I forgot my cane in her office – I simply went walking off without it! To this day, it sits in my closet, no longer used. The pain in my legs and ankles decreased from a #8 to #0 or #1.

After treatment from them, the chronic pain in both hands and wrists from years of doing manual therapy has subsided to a #0-2 pain from a near-constant #7-8. I was really having difficulty picking up anything, even a pencil before I went in for therapy at Sutherland House. After therapy, I find I’m able to lift pretty much whatever I want – just as I did in my 40s (I am 70 now.)

I’m deeply thankful for the many years of education and study that Eva and Judith have put into their work. They have created a clinical setting which truly heals. They listen deeply to their patients and apply skills that can only evolve after years of training. When the door closes at the beginning of each session, I came to understand that nothing else in the world exists for them except getting me out of pain, and back to full function. I can say this because I have had both Eva and Judith work on me and their work is truly outstanding. I recommend them without reservation.

L. Wurn

I have been seeing Anna for the FSM treatment now for a few months to help me with a neurological condition called FND and to treat fibromyalgia .
It has given me back a quality of life as my bad days are now my good days and my good days are as if I don’t have an illness. Anna goes above and beyond within her treatments. Thank you Anna.

D. Glazer

I cannot describe how very grateful I am that this place was recommended to me!
We were seen by both Eva and Lynn. Eva really helped my baby to strengthen his neck and core muscles while Lynn helped to balance it all out. The combination of these practices in turn helped my baby’s overall development and progress.
As a new mother I was very worried and anxious about my son’s development and well-being, especially with an underlying condition. Eva really did put my mind at rest with her helpful advice, reassurance and therapy. My son adored coming to her appointments as she made it fun and playful.
Overall a very positive experience! Friendly, helpful, professional team. THANK YOU EVERYONE!
R. Selva

I received Clear Passage treatment from Judith Landhausser. and Eva Hadjidemetri. The treatment was very thorough and progressive, taking a holistic approach to the treatment for adhesions and SBO. By day 4 already felt like a different person! Through the release from abdominal adhesions, I could even breath better and my posture had improved. They showed me the CP techniques and exercises for self care. I’m so relieved to have taken this treatment. I can highly recommend the professional approach of Sutherland House. I can also highly recommend and the “great hands” and expertise of my therapists Eva and and Judith.
Thank you.

I was very sceptical when this form of treatment was suggested and being of the age 74 had thought “ I don’t think so”.
How wrong I was even after one session with Dr. Alexsander Guimaraes that night “cramps” which I had always been prone to have disappeared, thankfully I hope for good.
My lower back which always was a nagging problem has also disappeared.
I feel more agile, fitter, without a gym experience, I’m not saying you shouldn’t expand.
So it’s a great pleasure to recommend this clinic, I have now been 3 times and it’s personally helped change my life. Well done to my friends who recommended Alexsander he worked out problems that I thought came with age.

M. Beck

I contacted Marina Townsley after suffering very worrying symptoms (severe abdominal pain and gynaecological symptoms) for several years. Doctors had no answers and things got worse to the point I was losing weight very fast and could barely function. I felt confidence in Marina from my first visit. I really liked how she had already prepared a plan by studying my online questionnaire. This she adapted through careful listening, which is a hallmark of her practice. She approached things very methodically,showing wide expertise and always explaining things very carefully. I started to make progress straightaway. Things weren’t straightforward, but with Marina’s steady help i am now well and strong. Thank you Marina! for bringing me out of the wilderness of fear and ill health and back into wellness.
C. Oakshett

After having a spine surgery earlier this year, To regain fitness and physical strength i initially went for Physiotherapy sessions with Anna Steele-Finkelstein at Sutherland House. Physiotherapy sessions helped me slowly, however my confidence was still low due to the surgery and trauma, which in turn prevented me from carrying out certain exercises focussing on core strength. To make it worse, I also started to notice some discomfort on my back and legs after few Physiotherapy sessions which took another dent on my confidence. At that point Anna advised me to try FSM treatment and i am glad she did as i noticed the differences after first couple of sessions. I would highly recommend anyone with spine / back pain, post surgery rehabilitation to try FSM upon seeking advise from Anna / Team at Sutherland House. To note, At my first appointment with Anna i did get the impression of Anna not listening carefully or paying attention – However, I was wrong as she is very capable, friendly and energetic individual who is a bit fast paced and always thinking of questions to find root cause / symptoms of pain & discomfort. After 6 sessions of FSM, I do not have any pain or discomfort anymore (touchwood it continues) and most importantly – I am back to my normal work and social lifestyle. My experience of FSM have been great as my body reacted to it and i am now able to do my exercises focussing on core strength which is very important after the kind of surgery i had. Thank you Anna !
Sujit Nair

Thank you so much to everyone at Clear Passage for my treatment. I was not expecting results in such a meaningful and obvious way but this is exactly what happened. My pain is significantly reduced and there is much more predictability to my day. Thank you again! James
J. Keane

Eva helped me with my left wrist; I could not use it as it was just too painful. Now the strength has come back and I can hold a jar and open it again! She helped me with my neck too. Thank you Eva!! Have you recommended to my friends.
M. Mehta

Such a warm, welcoming and loving practice. I have never been so satisfied with a treatment! My knee has been totally transformed! From a child, I have suffered with knee difficulties and tried all sorts of practices. Today, the condition that my knee is in, I never imagined possible…I am grateful…Eva is a wise, knowledgeable and overall an amazing physio!
A. Zivko

Eva Hadijdemetri is a very experienced therapist. She has vast knowledge and experience. She also posesses the ability to listen to the patient and offer support. She gained my trust right away. First of all, her approach is holistic and doesn’t focus on one problem only, but thinks about complete treatment. The Sutherland Center is a very patient-oriented place, you come back there with a smile, and are taken care of. I wholeheartedly recommend Eva and the center to everyone who needs to regain their health. FSM therapy is exceptionally good solution to problems associated with spinal pains. It improves mobility, reduces pain and supports the whole body. After undergoing FSM, I did not feel any pain for the first time in 9 years. I would recommend it to everyone looking for a solution when the doctors offer no more possible solutions.
O. Tunkiewicz

If you want the best physio in north west London you wont beat Eva. punctual, courteous and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the body.
G. Plein

Marina has been an immeasurable help to me in my recovery from radiation and chemo trauma. She is a supremely kind and compassionate individual who really cares about helping her patients. I have been an incredibly complex case but Marina has always persevered to identify and work through my many layers of problems! I have recommended her to many friends and family, and would say that if you are not sure about seeing a naturopath, or are new to natural health and losing patience with the allopathic establishment – GO AND SEE MARINA.
I would further highly recommend Eva. Her knowledge of FSM is unsurpassed and I have personally seen many improvements in my digestive system since beginning treatment with her.
L. Freeth

I visited this health clinic a few months ago, and I must say it is one of the best experiences I have had at a clinic. The receptionist was very helpful when I arrived. The practitioner was very thorough and a joy to have help me. I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.
H. McCaffrey

I have suffered from migrating legs pain for almost three years and used everything from supplements, ointments, homeopathics, herbs to massages etc. to ease the pain. Some helped a bit temporarily, but the pain kept coming back and often kept me awake at night and also prevented me from enjoying my favourite pastime – long walks. And then I was suggested to try Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment. I was treated by Eva at the Sutherland House and after the first treatment I walked away without any leg pain and my legs felt light as a feather….. it was like a miracle!!! and I immediately booked more appointments. Frequency Specific Microcurrent treats a whole spectrum of pathological conditions and I would highly recommend to anybody to try this treatment. I also would like to say what pleasure it is to deal with the staff at the reception, who are kind, understanding, efficient and very helpful.

I was recommended to to Lynn Haller regarding a persistent rotator cuff problem i was having. Talk about healing hands with just a few sessions he resolved the issues and no more pain Hooray! Thank you Lynn.
P. Varnavas

I have suffered with the painful condition, Morton’s Neuroma for over three years. Throughout this time, I have been unable to find an effective remedy through the usual conventional treatments. I was both surprised and relieved to find that after my very first session of Frequency Specific Micro-current (FSM) with Marina Townsley, I was able to walk for an hour without pain. The treatment is painless, simple and very relaxing. Now, after four follow-on sessions, I can feel distinct improvement in my foot, together with a sense of general well-being. I highly recommend this treatment.
L. Bruce

Recently developed bursitis in my elbow, originally advised the swelling may take months to go away. Visited Sutherland House and tried the new Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) treatment. Within 2 week’s the swelling had completely gone – AMAZING – Thank you
D. Hughes

Judith Landhausser a physiotherapist @ Sutherland House is caring and helpful. The whole clinic and staff are warm and friendly making an great experience set in a modern clean and harmonious facility.
I. Bluston

I highly recommend this excellent multidisciplinary practice. I see the empathetic ,skilled and dedicated Eva Hadjidemetri for Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment. FSM can help nerve and muscle pain aswell as numerous other ailments. For my Fibromyalgia the treatment has been outstanding with less pain aswell as more sleep and energy.

David R

Ny name is Ane Marie Andersen – I come from Denmark and have been to the Sutherland House twice.
I received treatment from Judith Landhausser – physiotherapist.
She is highly committed and talented to her treatings and so kind and caring to be with.
I also had a great consultation with Marina Townsley – nutritional therapist.
It has been a great pleasure for me to get to know this unique clinic, the warm and welcoming practitioners and secretaries.
I give my best recommendations to the Sutherland House and especially to Judith and Marina.
A. Andersen

I thoroughly recommend Sutherland for all aspects of health. there are an array of practicioners to help both adults and children. i can highly recomend Eva and FSM
L. Cohen

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