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FDX Workout

Accomplishing fitness and performance goals are not just down to consistency, good training schedules, protein intake, and muscle mass. The degree of achieving success is influenced by a combination of health and lifestyle factors. These will hinder the adaption of the body to the stress of exercise and preclude successful goals from being achieved. Lifestyle, diet, age, and environment all impact the body’s ability to perform and function optimally. Achieving work out potential, health, and fitness requires good working body mechanics and body systems.

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Understanding how your body systems are functioning will enable you to uncover any unseen issues from digestion to toxin removal to energy production. All of which are essential to successful performance in sport. Being able to digest food efficiently is imperative as it allows for the absorption of necessary nutrients including protein, vitamins, and minerals. A healthy liver will assist in the removal of toxins emitted during exercise.

Good thyroid function is essential to ensure metabolism and high degrees of energy. A healthy functioning immune system that identifies stresses and deals with them efficiently. Are all essential to success. With over 100 biomarkers comprising a range of body systems covering glucose and lipid management, cardiovascular health, inflammatory markers, immune system, thyroid function, and sexual hormone health with key nutrient status.

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FDX Workout


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