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About Sutherland House

Sutherland House was founded in February 1978 by the osteopath Harold Klug. The practice was named after William Sutherland (1873 – 1954), who was an American osteopathic physician. He was the first osteopath to conceptualise the cranial approach within osteopathy and teach it.

Sutherland House, founded as an osteopathy practice, was one of the first centres, where osteopaths started to work together instead of practising out of their own front rooms.

It lent itself initially as a teaching practice and has since an established team of osteopaths that, besides working with patients, teach in the UK and internationally.

In 2012, the team decided that it would be good to open its doors further to practitioners of other methods, and approached a physiotherapy team to join them and since then Sutherland House is under the management of E&J Health (partnership formed by Eva Hadjidemetri and Judith Landhausser).

To accommodate the needs of the new group of patients, create an easier accessibility, make it disabled friendly and to give the practice a new face, Sutherland House was completely redecorated in 2014.

It has since developed from an osteopathic clinic into a multi-disciplinary centre, which offers besides osteopathy also physiotherapy, exercise physiology, herbal medicine, massages, acupuncture, low intensity acupuncture, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, nutrition and GP services.

We have 5 treatment rooms which we use for one to one sessions. Currently we have  17 practitioners in the practice that provide 170 sessions in a typical week. We also have a studio where we offer group classes of up to 6 for pilates for adults and strengthening classes for children. We generally cater for babies, children, adults and the elderly.

Sutherland House continues to provide a service for the community and makes the wellbeing of the individual the priority.

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