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If you have any of the following blood test kits, you can book an appointment for your blood draw, with Sutherland House.

Blood Tests Available at Sutherland House

What do you do when your routine blood test shows clinically “normal” results, but you still feel unwell?

Here at Sutherland House, we have an answer for this.

The ranges used on a traditional lab test are based on statistics and not on whether a certain value represents good health or optimal physiological function. The problem is that “normal” reference ranges usually represent “average” populations rather that the optimal level required to maintain good health. Most “normal” ranges are too broad to adequately detect health problems before they become pathology and are not useful for detecting the emergence of a dysfunction.

Functional DX Blood Tests
What is a Functional DX Blood Test?

Functional DX blood tests are created to identify early signs of potential pathological warnings before they turn into a full blown disease and therefore can be treated and reversed swiftly.

The human blood is a walking library of information, it tell us about the state of our patients’ functional health in the past, what is happening right now and with the lens of the blood test we can get a future glimpse of where things are going.

Through these blood tests we can detect early stages of dysfunction, early detection of chronic conditions such as oxidative stress, inflammation, GI dysfunction, endocrine problems, sex hormone problems, thyroid problems, toxicity, blood sugar dys-regulation, cardiac risk issues and many more.

It is a vital component of the comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention and shows what are the sources or causes of the dysfunctions. Dysfunctions can be easily corrected if they are caught in time (prostate problems, kidney problems, blood sugar issues).

If people take regular medications or supplements this can cause side effects over the years and the blood tests can pick up on this.

Find out more about the range of health assessment tests now available at Sutherland House in conjunction with our partner Functional DX.


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