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Back and Neck Pain

At Sutherland House we have multiple specialists and a variety of treatment methods to help with almost any back and neck problems you may be having.

Back pain, Shoulder pain, treatment - Physiotherapy North London

Most common conditions we treat

Non-specific Back and Neck pain
Discogenic pain
Facet joint injury and inflammation
Spinal cord inflammation
Trapped nerves and neuropathies
Post surgical rehabilitation

Back and Neck pain can be triggered by:

  • Repetitive Overuse
  • Acute Trauma
  • Poor Biomechanics
  • Sedentary sustained positions
  • Stress and worry
  • Poor Posture

Why choose us?

  • Manual Therapy
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Manipulation and Mobilisation
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Postsurgical Rehabilitation
Back & Neck Pain. Physiotherapy treatment - North London

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back problems as with any pain or injury, always have a cause. The most common ones we see are:

  • Poor posture
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Hypermobility
  • Trauma or injury
  • Stress and emotional trauma
  • Scar tissue


Don’t ignore your back pain. While it can sometimes ease quickly this doesn’t mean that the cause of the problem has been resolved.

Be sure to get it checked and treated to prevent it from happening again and possibly have more serious long standing problems developing.

We offer a range of specialist physiotherapy treatments to help you identify and maximise your ability to function and move throughout your life.

Find out more, or book an assessment with a physiotherapist for an in-depth evaluation.

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Sutherland House Physiotherapists

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Chartered Physiotherapist
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(Women’s Health)
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FSM Practitioner & Instructor

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FSM Practitioner & Instructor

Hilary Samson-Barry
Hilary Samson-Barry
23 October 2023
Renata Stanska - I went to Renata for some blood tests after a difficult experience elsewhere. Renata was so fantastic. She was professional, caring, kind and so calm. She made me calm! Thank you so much. If you need a phlebotomist, I highly recommend Renata
V lermon
V lermon
25 August 2023
"I have been a patient of Marina Townsley during a difficult period of my life,due to a bereavement. Marina has listened patiently and asked me questions with understanding. She requested several tests, offered suggestions and provided answers which have helped me considerably with both my health and my stress . I am most grateful to her."
Regan King
Regan King
21 August 2023
Following a full shoulder reconstruction, Marina treated me with FSM to speed up recovery and to reduce the pain and swelling. I have found the treatment effective and my recovery enhanced and in some ways easier than previous recovery times without the aid of Marina and her treatment with FSM! Very grateful.
Connie Schofield
Connie Schofield
14 June 2023
I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding care I have been receiving from Eva at Sutherland House Clinic for my gastrointestinal issues. Although only at the start of my treatment, through the use of FSM, mobilisations, manipulations, and connective tissue massage, Eva's expertise has already led to significant improvements. Her immense knowledge of complex cases, coupled with her kindness and empathy, ensures that you are in safe hands. The clinic's commitment to providing exceptional healthcare is evident, and I highly recommend Eva and Sutherland House Clinic for effective and compassionate treatment. Thank you for making a positive impact on my health.
Simon Hall
Simon Hall
7 June 2023
Very experienced practitioners who know their stuff! Real expertise in tailoring the treatments required to the specific problem - in my case helping resolve many long term conditions that have proven resistant to other treatments. Thanks so much for your help.
Andrea Samuelson
Andrea Samuelson
19 May 2023
I had an amazing experience working with Judith and Eva at Sutherland House. Their knowledge of the body is absolutely incredible, and I have left feeling significantly more mobile. Judith was very patient and thorough in explaining things, and it’s obvious that she is an expert in women’s health. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
16 May 2023
I have been treated by Eva for about 2 years (on and off due to my being away) for, amongst other things, adhesions and SIBO and saw a great improvement with FSM. She’s super knowledgeable and took great care of me. I also consulted Marina for just under a year, initially for help with SIBO but then after doing various tests we found out I had a number of other issues to deal with (viruses, bacteria) and she has helped me hugely with tackling these health problems. I really enjoyed my appointments with Eva and Marina and definitely recommend them!
Elizabeth Apps
Elizabeth Apps
5 May 2023
The treatment and care that I have received at Sutherland House have changed my life. My wonderful physio has treated me for many years for generalised joint hypermobility, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and, more recently, very serious nerve pain in both my arms and hands. Together with my physio’s hands-on therapy, guidance and care, Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) treatment has been absolutely pivotal in enabling me to continue with my university studies. FSM treatment successfully mitigated the acute arm, hand and neck pain in 2022 that resulted from nerve root compression by osteophytes that had developed on a number of vertebrae in my neck. I was just 20 years old, disabled by the pain and could not hold a pen. Misalignment of the cervical vertebrae (thanks to the hypermobility) and stress were clear contributory factors to the development of the osteophytes, and my physio developed a specific FSM programme to realign the cervical spine and reduce neck pain. The difference was immediate. I was also able to continue with FSM treatment at university and at home, and was regularly running this specific programme, plus other programs to reduce my stress levels, manage anxiety, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and to deal with back pain generally. I continue to have fairly regular reviews with my physio, hands-on therapy and FSM treatment at Sutherland House. At other times, I use an FSM iCare pad and app to continue with FSM treatment at home, at university or while travelling. My physio prescribes and manages the FSM programmes that are uploaded to my iCare account on the app, and I use them under her guidance. FSM is an amazing technology and my physio is an expert at using it to promote healing. I am so thankful that I have both the support of the very caring practitioners at Sutherland House and the ground-breaking FSM medical technology to help me manage this potentially disabling condition on an ongoing basis. Thank you Eva and the team at Sutherland House!
David Brazier
David Brazier
19 April 2023
After suffering an injury to my right shoulder I attended Sutherland House Natural Path Clinic in North London where I met Charmaine Smyth, Physiotherapist. She carried out an assessment of my condition and over three separate visits she treated my injury both manually and with FSM. In addition with normal exercises to do at home my shoulder greatly improved over a short period of time. Charmaine is friendly, caring and fully understood the treatment that I required. That treatment, especially FSM, is a procedure where I can only describe it as a machine which stimulates the body to repair itself and speeds up the recovery time compared to normal manual exercises. The staff at Sutherland House were also very friendly and made me feel welcome and at ease. I have no hesitation in recommending Charmaine as very caring, efficient and above all very professional individual and who would offer treatment that you may require to a very high standard.
Stefan Zivkovic
Stefan Zivkovic
13 March 2023
I’ve been going to Sutherland House for the past few months and can honestly say the personnel there is fantastic. I was involved in a serious accident where my whole lower spine collapsed, damaging a lot of my crucial nerves in my lower back and legs. Within 5months, I’ve gone from being unable to walk to walking and even starting to do light jogs. I was told by the hospital doctors it would take between 9months to a year to just go back to normal walking. Eva is the name of the magician who has helped massively speed up my recovery. I’ve been seeing Eva for FSM treatment. To my understanding, the treatment essentially sends out different levels of electrical currents/frequencies to cause different reactions in the body to help with nerve pain relieve and repair. I can say with confidence that has worked wonders on me. Its re-awakened and helped with, the recovery of my damaged leg (especially my right which was completely numb) and back nerves. The other benefit to this is that the treatment itself is pretty much painless. I’ve done several different FSM programmes at various stages of my recovery so far, targeting specific areas and I am confident that because of this treatment, I will no longer need to consider surgery as my recovery is way ahead of plan. Alongside this, she also gave me exercises and stretches to do to improve my core and movements, and massages to help realign my spine. I now stand up straighter than I did before the accident! I am truly grateful for her help and assistance she has provided in my speedy recovery!

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