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Anna Steele-Finkelstein

Anna qualified as a physiotherapist and gained a master’s in Physical Education and Geriatric Rehabilitation in 1996 at the Academy of Physical Education in Gdansk.

Since arriving in the UK, she completed her English physiotherapy qualification at the University College London (UCL), school of Human Health and Performance, following which she obtained her license through State Registration with the Health Professions Council.

During her high school and sport academy years, she trained in light athletics competed in 400m events.

Sport was always her passion and consequently she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Studies and Sport physiotherapy from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Anna has attended several postgraduate training courses in manual handling and therapy and extended her knowledge in Maitland and McKenzie techniques. For almost 20 years of her physiotherapy practice, she gained experience and knowledge in various fields and treated patients of all ages and with numerous conditions.

She has worked in the major NHS and private hospitals in London and co/owned and managed a private clinic in Harley Street. She also worked as the head physiotherapist at a Geriatric nursing home in North London for almost twenty years.

She specialises in:

  • geriatric rehabilitation,
  • sport injuries,
  • exercise therapy,
  • electrotherapy and,
  • ultrasound cryotherapy.

Anna has an excellent track record in term of outcomes with treating acute and chronic injuries. She is combining her treatments with manual /hands on therapy as well as rehabilitating injuries with therapeutic exercise programs.

She fiercely believes in promoting physical exercise and activities, prophylactics and overall health and wellbeing in order to prevent injuries and disabilities.

Cryotherapy Specialist

Recently Anna became interested and gained knowledge and specialist expertise in Cryotherapy, which has been growing in popularity internationally and is proving to be a highly effective means of treating many conditions. Having benefitted from Cryotherapy herself, she has gained a new sense of passion to introduce the Cryotherapy in England.

She believes that over time, people will increasingly recognise the range of cryotherapy benefits and its healing abilities.

In 2018 she attended course in London, to learn about Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) a new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current.

At Sutherland House, she will be introducing local cryotherapy as an effective treatment for back and neck pain, shoulder, elbow and wrist pains, knee and hip pains, ankle injuries, soft tissue injuries as well as ligament and tendon problems. Local cryotherapy also helps with managing pain in rheumatoid diseases, muscle soreness, spasms, inflammation and swelling. In beauty and dermatology it is affective with cellulite reduction as well as reducing psoriasis.

Anna Steele-Finkelstein Chartered Physiotherapist MPhysEd, MCSP, HCPC

Chartered Physiotherapist
FSM Practitioner

Anna specialises in the following treatments:

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