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Many symptoms are often connected to long-term digestive health issues.

We treat every client as an individual, but many of them have similar stories.

Digestive Health Clinic - Sutherland House

Do any of these apply to you?

  • History of bad food poisoning, maybe while travelling, which was then treated with very strong antibiotics
  • Long-term antibiotic use as a child for ear infections or other illnesses
  • The feeling that as you get older, more and more foods ‘don’t agree with you’
  • The development of a ‘mystery illness’ that seems to pop up out of nowhere, e.g. eczema or autoimmune condition
  • Doctors giving you medication to manage symptoms, but as soon as you stop them your symptoms come back or get worse
  • You were given a diagnosis of IBS and told you will just have to live with it
  • You experience a lot of bloating, pain or discomfort that interferes with your work or social life
  • You noticed symptoms started after a very stressful life event, e.g. divorce, bereavement or job change
  • Your nails break, your hair falls out and you feel run down all the time

Many do not realise how their current symptoms are often linked to long-term underlying issues with their digestive health. So many people are given massive doses of antibiotics without the proper support afterwards and this can cause dysbiosis in the gut that has a knock-on effect.

If any of these issues apply to you, book in a free 10-minute call with Marina for a chat on how she can help.

Marina Townsley

Marina Townsley
Nutritional Therapist & Herbalist
FSM Practitioner

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