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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the practical application of nutrition science promoting good health of an individual. It is recognised as a complementary medicine discipline and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking to lose weight or enhance their wellbeing.

As a Nutritional Therapist Marina will develop a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme for you. It will take into account your medical history, dietary preferences and lifestyle patterns. Not just your digestive problems but your overall health status is assessed before a suitable diet is recommended. The treatment plan may involve use of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and other natural substances which your body recognises and can readily use for various physiological functions and biochemical processes.

Nutritional Therapy is often more successful with clients who have chronic health problems that conventional medicine sometimes finds difficult to address. These include allergies, digestive and bowel disorders, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, depression or stress, auto-immune conditions, migraines and skin disorders.

Making healthy food choices is more than eating your ‘five a day.’ It is about learning what foods are right for you so that your body can function at its best.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine (or Phytotherapy) is the oldest, most universal and still very widely used system of medicine which utilises medicinal plants and herbs to prevent and treat ill health.

Herbal medicines have been in use longer than any scientific trial or study; the number of people involved bigger than any group selected for a trial. It has proved its effectiveness over thousands of years. Contemporary Herbal Medicine is based on a combination of traditional knowledge, clinical experience and scientific evidence. Herbal tinctures, decoctions and powdered herbs are used in a different way to medications. Drugs often originate from a plant source but they represent isolated active constituents, while Herbal Medicine uses the whole plant, which mitigates against many side effects. Herbal formulations can be altered and adjusted in accordance with your symptoms and changing needs, they reflect the dynamics of the treatment process.

Herbal preparations have been particularly useful in treating gastrointestinal and digestive disorders. Medicinal herbs continue to enjoy popularity due to their beneficial effects on digestion and overall health.

Marina was trained in three systems of Herbal Medicine. Her patients can benefit from evidence based Western Herbalism and ancient traditions of India and China, which offer unique energetic approaches to health.

You can read her article ‘Why Use Herbal Medicine’ to better understand the principles and benefits of phytotherapy.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Each tissue in the body has its own specific electrical frequency, which may be disrupted by injury or disease. Specific frequencies of microcurrent applied to the affected area restore normal frequencies within the cells, resulting in remarkable improvements in pain, inflammation and function.

At the cellular level, microcurrent therapy stimulates a dramatic increase in ATP, the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body. It also increases protein synthesis, which is necessary for tissue repair. The subsequent enhancement in blood flow and decrease in inflammation leads to reduction in pain and muscle spasms, as well as increased range of motion.

Although initially FSM was used to treat musculoskeletal conditions, it soon became apparent that it is also helpful for various viral and bacterial infections, for tissue support of different organs and body systems, including gastro-intestinal, endocrine and nervous tissues.

Marina is an FSM practitioner trained to the Advanced Level by Dr. Carolyn McMakin, who rediscovered, developed and popularised this therapeutic method.

You can learn more about FSM, here.

Note that Marina will either use electrodes on your skin or damp towels to conduct the frequencies. If damp towels are used you will need to remove some of your clothes. It is a painless and often very relaxing therapy.

felicity dunbar
felicity dunbar
3 February 2024
I cannot recommend Martine and Natalie (who I see for natural acupuncture) at Sutherland House highly enough. Throughout my fertility and IVF journey, they have been through my side and have begun to feel more like friends than a service. What I love about their approach to acupuncture is how they take the time to really understand my personal situation each week and then adapt my treatment accordingly - it's never a one size fits all. They also explain every needle and how it will benefit me (and when to expect a zinger!). Overall, my experience couldn't have been better and I guarantee you won't find better acupuncturists in London!
Alison Grunwald
Alison Grunwald
31 January 2024
Sarojni has treated me with FSM, cranial-sacral osteopathy and mobilisation which has significantly improved my sciatica and enabled me to walk without pain. I’m very grateful. She’s a wiz.
Farzanah Nasser
Farzanah Nasser
29 January 2024
Love Sutherland House, the staff and Practitioners are always warm and welcoming and their treatments have always been of the highest standards. Highly recommend
Samantha Roberts
Samantha Roberts
28 January 2024
After multiple abdominal and pelvic surgeries, including an emergency open surgery for complete intestine obstruction due to adhesions, I was left with more internal adhesions that were gradually getting tighter and moving me towards complete obstruction of my intestines once again. I was told by the hospital the only option was further surgery and what looked like a never ending merry go round of surgery only leading to more adhesions. I felt hopeless and very scared, I was in intense pain whenever I ate due to these adhesions, had severe complex PTSD from relational and medical trauma and chronic fatigue syndrome which often left me unable to move. I was debilitated and told there was nothing that could be done for any of it by the hospital. I am so thankful to have found Sutherland House when I did and their support quite literally saved my life. The staff at Sutherland House are all very lovely and there is always a peaceful and welcoming feeling at the clinic and when arranging appointments. When I first met Eva and Judith I had been living in survival mode for so many years I was extremely intense and tearful, yet they remained calm, patient and supportive as they took the time to fully understand my situation. Eva and Judith with their training in clear passage and frequency specific microcurrent were able to release the adhesions over the course of only a few weeks so that I once again could eat and digest food without unbearable stabbing pains. I was also able to stand up straight properly rather than being pulled forwards and down by the adhesion bonds. I also had frequency specific microcurrent for PTSD and this course of treatment left my nervous system much calmer. In trying to find solutions to alleviate my chronic fatigue I discovered treatments to power up the body's mitochondria which I discovered becomes exhausted from chronic stress. I told Eva about my success with this treatment and she took the time to explore the wider research and its effectiveness and trained in it herself. I found that upper cervical chiropractic managed to be the missing piece to completely resolve my chronic fatigue. I did not realize that a previous head injury actually caused a neck misalignment which had been disrupting nervous system flow through my brain stem and is where the deterioration of my health likely began. Eva once again showed great interest in hearing of this. She is extremely passionate about resolving problems and seeing the big picture, and I admire her constant willingness to grow the practice to support complex cases like mine that are left by mainstream medicine feeling they have nowhere to turn.
Vendula Safarova
Vendula Safarova
26 January 2024
I had my treatment done by Acupuncturists Natalie and Martine, because of my pre-menopausal symptoms. They were very professional and knowledgeable, they worked together through the session. I even fell asleep during the treatment, that's how relaxed I was! I would highly recommend to see the girls as they are so caring and helpful. Thank you, I will definitely be back!
Diane Churchill
Diane Churchill
17 January 2024
Renata and the team were amazing! Extremely kind and professional. My experience could not have been better. Thank you. Diane
Gillian Martin
Gillian Martin
20 December 2023
Eva is a wonderful physio and between her and FSM my various ailments have either disappeared or been greatly reduced. She has treated me for back and ear problems as well as general well being and it’s wonderful to know that there is such a knowledgeable physio I can count on to treat any issue that arises. The practice is full of friendly faces who go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and valued.
Liz Hale
Liz Hale
9 December 2023
A lovely kind and responsive practice. Eva and FSM have changed my life very much for the better. After 20 years of chronic fatigue and illness Eva has worked wonders and being able to use FSM at home too has been enormously helpful. My fibromyalgia is massively improved as is my pain and I am able to do gentle pilates ( for hypermobiles) constructively and am much stronger .I have tried chiropractic, osteopathy , cranial work, acupuncture and physiotherapy consistently for many years but this has really unwound my holding patterns.
Hilary Samson-Barry
Hilary Samson-Barry
23 October 2023
Renata Stanska - I went to Renata for some blood tests after a difficult experience elsewhere. Renata was so fantastic. She was professional, caring, kind and so calm. She made me calm! Thank you so much. If you need a phlebotomist, I highly recommend Renata
V lermon
V lermon
25 August 2023
"I have been a patient of Marina Townsley during a difficult period of my life,due to a bereavement. Marina has listened patiently and asked me questions with understanding. She requested several tests, offered suggestions and provided answers which have helped me considerably with both my health and my stress . I am most grateful to her."

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