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Charmaine Smyth

Charmaine graduated with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy in 1994 from University of Durban-Westville in South Africa. Once qualified Charmaine worked for two years in the King Edward Teaching Hospital where she gain valuable experience in orthopaedics and musculoskeletal conditions.


Soon after qualifying she attended an intensive course on Complex Chronic Pain that would change the way she approached patients who were in pain. She developed an interest in pain physiology and clients response to different treatments, leading her to investigate other pain management methods. She has attended many musculoskeletal courses and practices Acupuncture and Bowen Therapy.

Before Charmaine came to the UK, she worked Thunder and Way dynamic private practice in South Africa leading a Back Rehabilitation Class for pre and post- surgical and chronic back pain patients. This experience made her realise the importance of movement in spinal health.

She developed an interest in biomechanical issues and muscle imbalances and how it affects efficiency of movement. Charmaine enjoys treating and rehabilitating sport injuries, particularly runners. She also specialises in posture related neck and shoulder conditions.

Charmaine uses a hands on approach using a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue and connective tissue techniques with tailored design exercise programmes.

She has trained in Clinical Pilates and muscle activation techniques, which made her very successful in running back and neck classes.

For Charmaine patient education is a very important part of the treatment. She believes that an understanding of the condition decreases the stress and anxiety and increases the trust and compliance with exercises.

Charmaine has worked in North London for past 16 years, at The Garden Hospital and 999 Medical Centre.

She works closely with many renowned consultants based in North London.

In 2018 she attended course in London, to learn about Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) a new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current.

Charmaine Smyth

Charmaine Smyth 
Chartered Physiotherapist
Clear Passage Practitioner
FSM Practitioner and Instructor

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