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Tricia Arculus

Tricia is a specialist Pelvic Health physiotherapist with 24 years experience. The conditions she treats include:

  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction including urinary incontinence and organ prolapse.
  • Overactive and dysfunctional bladder.
  • Pelvic pain including bladder pain syndrome, vaginismus, vulvodynia + pain during sex.
  • Chronic prostatitis, genital pain and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
  • Peri-menopause and menopause symptoms.
  • Post-gynaecological surgery rehabilitation.
  • Prostatectomy surgery and post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Faecal urgency, faecal incontinence and evacuatory difficulties.
  • Coccydynia.

The Women’s and Men’s Health therapies she specialises in include:

  • Pelvic Floor rehabilitation, Release, Relaxation and Training.
  • Bladder, Bowel, Prolapse and Pain management.
  • Muscle trigger point release.
  • Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) and Acupuncture.
  • Psychosexual counselling.
  • Health Coaching.

Tricia qualified Physiotherapist at Brunel University College with a BSc Honours degree in 1995. She became a junior physiotherapist at the Royal Free Hospital before specialising in Women’s Health at St Marys Hospital, Paddington. She completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s Health in 2000 at University of Bradford.

In 2002 Tricia returned to the Royal Free Hospital as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, focussing on the treatment of urogynaecology and bowel patients, specialising in particular on vulval pain and coccydynia. She was seconded to Camden’s Bowel and Bladder Continence service focussing on faecal and urinary incontinence at a number of Islington GP practices.

In 2016 she qualified as an acupuncturist at the University of Hertfordshire in order to use acupuncture as an adjunct to her conservative therapy and set up a Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) service for the bowel, bladder and pelvic pain patients.

In 2017 Tricia started to manage male patients with bowel, urinary and pelvic pain problems. She also undertook post graduate training in Pelvic Floor and Incontinence Assessment, psychosexual counselling, vulval pain, chronic pelvic pain, advanced manual therapy, acupuncture for Women’s health, male lower urinary tract symptoms and Health Coaching.

Tricia cares deeply about helping patients to understand their problems, understand the management, feel empowered to control and reduce their symptoms, thereby helping avoid invasive surgical procedures and tests, and improve their quality of their lives.

She is inspired by the potential of Frequency Specific Microcurrent and aiming to train mid-2024, so that she can incorporate this into her therapy.

Tricia’s qualifications are:

  • Registered General Nurse (Guys Hospital, London) 1984.
  • General Intensive Care Nurse (Royal London Hospital) 1986.
  • Certificate In tropical Diseases (Hospital for Tropical Diseases) 1987.
  • Registered Midwife (Poole General Hospital) 1989.
  • BSc honour Physiotherapy (Brunel University) 1995.
  • Physiotherapy in Women’s Health 1 + 2 (Bradford University) 2000.
  • Foundation Acupuncture Course MSC (Hertfordshire University) 2016.

Registered and Chartered Physiotherapist
BSc (Hons) HCPC MCSP POGP PG Dip (Women’s Health) Acupuncturist

Tricia specialises in the following treatments:

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