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What our patients say about Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Read 5 Star Patient Testimonials for this incredible technology, Frequency Specific Microcurrent

“My knee has been totally transformed! From a child, I have suffered with knee difficulties and tried all sorts of practices. Today, the condition that my knee is in, I never imagined possible…”

“I have suffered with the painful condition, Morton’s Neuroma for over three years. I was both surprised and relieved to find that after my very first session I was able to walk for an hour without pain. The treatment is painless, simple and very relaxing. Now, after four follow-on sessions, I can feel distinct improvement in my foot, together with a sense of general well-being. I highly recommend this treatment.”

“from the very first treatment I received I immediately felt a big improvement in my condition”

More 5 Star Patient Testimonials

“I was suffering with long term back and shoulder pains due to the nature of my work, and after a consultation with my therapist Eva I decided to go ahead with the treatments. I noticed a big improvement in my condition after the very first session and continually grew stronger after every session, to the point where I had made a full recovery after a handful of treatments.”

“Having tried and obtained temporary relief from seeing physiotherapists and taking pain relief medications in the past for treating 2 degenerative discs in my lower back, I was prompted to try the FSM treatment offered at Sutherland Clinic.”

 “As someone who was quite sceptical to begin with I decided to book myself in for a consultation. By the end of my first treatment I was shocked to say the least… my pain dramatically reduced. I was speechless! All I did was lay on the treatment table and the non-invasive equipment was connected.”


“After several treatments, I now am enjoying great health pain free! I still come back from time-to-time for top-ups :)”

“I went with the start of a frozen shoulder Eva, my Physio treated it with a micro-current therapy from the US called FSM – I went hardly being able to move my arm and after one session I would say it was 80% better with full range of motion – quite miraculous.”


“after the first treatment I walked away without any leg pain and my legs felt light as a feather….. it was like a miracle!!!”

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Sutherland House FSM Specialists

Eva Niezgoda-Hadjidemetri
Chartered Physiotherapist
Clear Passage Practitioner
Bowen Practitioner
FSM Practitioner & Instructor

Judith Landhausser
Registered and Chartered Physiotherapist
HCPC MCSP POGP PG Dip (Women’s Health)
Clear Passage Practitioner
FSM Practitioner & Instructor

Charmaine Smyth 
Chartered Physiotherapist
Clear Passage Practitioner
FSM Practitioner and Instructor

Anna Steele-Finkelstein
Chartered Physiotherapist
FSM Practitioner 

Marina Townsley
Nutritional Therapist & Herbalist
FSM Practitioner

Sarojni Vaja
Registered Osteopath
Bsc (Hons) Osteopathy Med ND DPO
FSM Practitioner

Renata Stanska
Holistic Massage Therapist
ITEC Level 3 Diploma Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Massage
FSM Practitioner

Dr. Alex Guimarães
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
BSc (Hons) MSc PhD
Member of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences
FSM Practitioner

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