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After experiencing the benefits of Cryotherapy for herself, physiotherapist Anna Steele-Finkelstein has brought her passion to Sutherland House. In this article, we explain a little more about the therapy and its benefits for physiotherapy patients, behind the media hype.

Getting cold with Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy means ‘cold therapy’ and uses liquid nitrogen, specialist equipment and a tailored environment. The treatment allows a specific area of the body via a hand-held device, or the whole body in a specially built chamber, to be exposed to extremely cold air, below 120 degrees Celsius.

In the UK, we have seen increased media coverage talking about Cryotherapy use in various forms by celebrities and football teams. And it could be seen as just the latest anti-ageing fad or something only for elite sports people at Manchester United or on the Tour De France. However, Cryotherapy has been being used for a while! It was in the 1970s the first whole body Cryotherapy chamber was built in Japan for arthritis treatment and the use of Cryotherapy was then rapidly adopted across Germany, Austria and Poland, where the benefits are today widely appreciated by health practitioners.

Man in Cryotherapy chamber

The benefits of Cryotherapy for physio patients

Using the best specialist equipment and correct methodology Cryotherapy can be used as an effective treatment by physiotherapists. Much as we might think to put a cold ice pack on a painful or inflamed area, by using a local cryotherapy treatment, with a hand-held device, you can treat pain and inflammation by cooling the area.

An effective and safe treatment with a hand-held device can be used locally on specific areas by a physio to penetrate deep into the tissue, for an even longer time than is possible in a whole-body chamber where you will need to leave after 3 minutes.

By focusing on a local area of the body, a physio can focus with precision on neck, shoulders, joints for and more up to 5-10 minutes, to work deeply into the tissue and boost circulation to the area.

Cryotherapy can:

• Boost circulation to the area and around the body
• Promote healing
• Promote an anti-inflammatory response
• Often bring a feeling of exhilaration

Local Cryotherapy is as an effective treatment for:

• Back and neck pain
• Shoulder, elbow and wrist pains
• Knee and hip pains
• Ankle injuries
• Soft tissue injuries
• Ligament and tendon problems.

Local Cryotherapy equipment

Local Cryotherapy also helps with

• Burns
• Managing pain in rheumatoid diseases
• Muscle soreness, spasms
• Inflammation and swelling.

In beauty and dermatology Cryotherapy is also effective for

• Cellulite reduction
• Reducing psoriasis

Cryotherapy available in North London

The equipment to offer Cryotherapy to a targeted area of the body is now available to patients in the UK at our North London centre.

Anna Steele-Finkelstein is a qualified physiotherapist with a passion for Cryotherapy, if you would like to book an appointment with Anna, please call our friendly team on 020 8458 7869 or complete the online booking form.


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