Health Check


Heart Rate parameters  (resting, aerobic exercise and cognitive tests)

  • heart rate variability (HRV)
  • stress level
  • ideal zone of intensity of physical activity/ exercise

Blood pressure

Blood test

  • glucose (diabetes)
  • cholesterol
  • uric acid

Muscular strength and endurance (lower and upper body strength)

Flexibility (hamstrings, hip and low back flexibility)

Agility and dynamic balance

Cardiorespiratory fitness

  • submaximal exercise test (cycle ergometer test)
  • peak expiratory flow test: how well lungs are working

Lifestyle behaviours: (a week using a modern and scientifically validated wrist-worn accelerometer)

  • habitual physical activities (active time)
  • sedentary activities time (inactive, sitting, lying)
  • sleep patterns: duration and quality/efficiency
  • steps taken per day
  • total calories burned per day

Body Composition

  • muscle mass %
  • body fat and visceral fat %
  • bone mass
  • body water / hydration level
  • metabolic age
  • circumferences
  • skinfolds
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