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5 ways to fend off infections and support your immune system.


Herbal medicine can be a true ally in keeping us well and able to fend off infections. They can restore us back to health more quickly and prevent infections from lingering inside the body which can cause long-term fatigue or other complications.

Olive Leaf Extract

I find Olive leaf extract incredibly helpful in maintaining our immune system healthy.It is also a great antiviral herb.


As we come now into the elderflower season, nature offers us a wonderful free and easily available herb to clear upper respiratory infections. It also reduces fevers, clears congestion and is gentle, safe and effective, especially useful for children’s coughs and colds. Elderberry in the Autumn provides us with wonderful antioxidants and further immune system support. Start collecting your elderflowers now while they are out. You can use them to make delicious herbal teas from the fresh or dried flowers. Freezing the flowers from fresh is also a good option to be used for those Winter colds.

Siberian Ginseng

After any major illness or infection the body needs to be gently helped back to health. Here again medicinal herbs can be a great friend helping to nourish our immune and nervous systems and prevent post-viral fatigue. They can also shorten the convalescence period and for this I find that there are no better herbs than Astragalus and Siberian Ginseng. They strengthen our body’s natural healing energy system or Qi, helping us to recover well and bringing us back to good energy and vitality. 

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