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In this challenging time we will be spending more time at home, doing house work, entertaining the kids or just trying to relax.

However, we would like to remind you of the importance of staying active.  Spending more time in sitting and stationary positions could lead to your lower back, neck and shoulders to start feeling stiff and achy. Also when you are staying indoors, away from social contacts and events, it is easy to feel isolated, which can decrease your mood.

Exercising and stretching daily will help you avoid body pain. It will also help you to increase your energy levels, elevate your spirit and improve all body function.

As we know Covid -19 can affect your breathing, therefore combining exercises with deep breathing will increase your lung capacity and boost your immune system.

Exercise Regimes

We have put together a few different exercise regimes, suitable for different age groups and/or fitness levels, which we would like to share with you. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on post notifications for new exercises as we stay in isolation.

It’s free to join in!

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and turn on post notifications to watch our latest videos!

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