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A FREE 30-minute consultation (in person or on the phone) with our experts will help ascertain the best treatment.

Our comprehensive consultation includes:

  • Consult with the Physiotherapist.
  • Learn about our clinic, the programmes and how it works.
  • Learn about our new approach and new technology.
  • Find out complete details of the 2-hour introductory treatment.
  • Discover what a full treatment plan entails and how the treatment will benefit your health and well-being and ease your symptoms of Fibromyalgia.
  • An opportunity to ask questions about any of the treatments.
  • We’ll put together a tailored roadmap to recovery.

    We respect your privacy and do not share your details with anyone. For more information, read our privacy policy.

    Our patients experience remarkable results even after the first treatment!

    Read 5 Star Patient Testimonials for our unique approach to the treatment of Fibromyalgia 

    “I have been seeing Anna for the FSM treatment now for a few months to help me with a neurological condition called FND and to treat fibromyalgia . It has given me back a quality of life as my bad days are now my good days and my good days are as if I don’t have an illness. Anna goes above and beyond within her treatments. Thank you Anna”

    Donna G.

    To find out more about treatment for Fibromyalgia at Sutherland House, get in touch with Charmaine Smyth on  

    020 8458 7869

    Read 5 Star Patient Testimonials for our unique approach to the treatment of Fibromyalgia 

    “I highly recommend this excellent multidisciplinary practice. I see the empathetic, skilled and dedicated Eva Hadjidemetri for Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment. FSM can help nerve and muscle pain as well as numerous other ailments. For my Fibromyalgia the treatment has been outstanding with less pain as well as more sleep and energy.”

    David R.

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