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Treating Fibromyalgia as a Team

We are an expert team of  physiotherapists, osteopaths, physiologists, naturopaths, psychotherapists and doctors, with a dedicated focus on the treatment of Fibromyalgia.

Learn more about the wealth of experience behind the team that is producing significant transformations in the health and well-being of Fibromyalgia patients.

Sutherland House Fibromyalgia Team

Charmaine Smyth Chartered Physiotherapist B.Physio HCPC MCSP

Anna Steele-Finkelstein Chartered Physiotherapist MPhysEd, MCSP, HCPC

Dr. Alexsander Guimarães Exercise Physiologist BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

Marina Townsley Dip. CNM, mBANT, NTCC, CNHC, ANP, AMH, Naturopath

Dr. Peter Herbert FRCP General Practitioner (GP)

Jonathan Varnavas, BSc GSR Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation

Sherine Lovegrove, MSc Neurodirected Psychotherapist

Sarojni Vaja Registered Osteopath Bsc (Hons) Ost. Med, ND, DPO

Judith Landhausser Chartered Physiotherapist HCPC MCSP POGP PGDip

Eva Niezgoda-Hadjidemetri Chartered Physiotherapist MSc HCPC MCSP AACP APCP

Fibromyalgia Team Sutherland House

To find out more about treatment for Fibromyalgia at Sutherland House, get in touch with Charmaine Smyth on  

020 8458 7869

“I have been seeing Anna for the FSM treatment now for a few months to help me with a neurological condition called FND and to treat fibromyalgia . It has given me back a quality of life as my bad days are now my good days and my good days are as if I don’t have an illness. Anna goes above and beyond within her treatments. Thank you Anna”

Donna G.

Fibromyalgia Treatment London

Mission statement: to empower, inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research.

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