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Our Unique Approach to Treating Fibromyalgia

Since there are multiple causes to Fibromyalgia a single approach often doesn’t work, which is why at Sutherland House, we are offering a uniquely integrated approach for treating this widespread, debilitating condition.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

New to the UK, FSM uses a low-level electrical current. It is highly effective in treating nerve and muscle pain, reducing inflammation, repairing tissue and removing adhesions. It has been shown to have several physiological effects, such as: reducing cytokines and Substance P and increasing levels of endorphins. It improves amino acid transport into cells, and protein synthesis. ATP levels are increased by 500%.

PBM – Photobiomodulation

This light therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation. It improves blood flow in the tissues and raises ATP production in the cells, increasing the energy available for healing. It is effective in treating pain, fatigue and mood disorders associated with

Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Long term pain and fatigue can cause changes in the brain’s neurology which is why we often can find them challenging to control. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques in combination with mindful-hypnosis can help you deal with pain, anxiety, fear and poor sleep patterns.

Nutritional Therapy and Natural Medicine

This is the process of removing foods you are sensitive or allergic to and replacing them with ones that will nourish and heal your body. This may include detoxification protocols, vitamin and mineral supplements and anti-inflammatory diets. It may also include the use of herbs to restore hormonal balance, reduce stress or insomnia, and eliminate any pathogens.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

These two disciplines use gentle manual therapy techniques to relieve muscle tension and improve joint range of movement, correcting muscle imbalances to restore efficient movement patterns and function. Releasing tightness in the Thoracic cage and diaphragm has been shown to increase oxygenation of tissues improving the metabolic processes, decreasing fatigue and improving concentration. The physiotherapist can also offer ergonomic advice to prevent further strains and injuries.

Cranial Osteopathy

This provides gentle manual work on the body, head and spine – shown to lower anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Exercise therapy

Regular exercise can reduce fatigue, inflammation and musculoskeletal pain. It also helps improve physical fitness, strength and mood, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic indicators. The program is aimed to avoid a relapse of pain and fatigue.

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Read 5 Star Patient Testimonials for our unique approach to the treatment of Fibromyalgia 

“I highly recommend this excellent multidisciplinary practice. I see the empathetic, skilled and dedicated Eva Hadjidemetri for Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment. FSM can help nerve and muscle pain as well as numerous other ailments. For my Fibromyalgia the treatment has been outstanding with less pain as well as more sleep and energy.”

David R.

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