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Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Health & Lifestyle is an ample and evidence-based assessment of over 25 physiological, metabolic and cardiovascular markers, for adults of all ages (especially over 50s) apparently healthy and those with cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and immunologic conditions.

The purpose is to check and monitor your lifestyle activities pattern, overall health, physical and cognitive performance.

Tests offered

Lifestyle behaviours: (a week using a modern and scientifically validated wrist-worn accelerometer)

  • habitual physical activities (active time)
  • sedentary activities time (inactive, sitting, lying)
  • sleep patterns: duration and quality/efficiency
  • steps taken per day
  • total calories burned per day

Body Composition

  • muscle mass %
  • body fat and visceral fat %
  • bone mass
  • body water / hydration level
  • metabolic age
  • circumferences
  • skinfolds

Heart Rate parameters  (resting, aerobic exercise and cognitive tests)

  • heart rate variability (HRV)
  • stress level
  • ideal zone of intensity of physical activity/ exercise

Blood pressure

Blood test

  • glucose (diabetes)
  • cholesterol
  • uric acid

Muscular strength and endurance (lower and upper body strength

Flexibility (hamstrings, hip and low back flexibility)

Agility and dynamic balance

Cardiorespiratory fitness

  • submaximal exercise test (cycle ergometer test)
  • peak expiratory flow test: how well lungs are working

Cognitive performance (computerised cognitive tests)

  • memory
  • Information processing speed
  • attention
  • reaction time
  • executive function (mental processes that enable planning, focus attention and perform multiple tasks)

Sutherland House Physiologist

Dr. Alexsander Guimarães BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD
Clinical Exercise Physiologist

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