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If you have already have a Cyrex, Nationwide Pathology, FDX, or other, blood test kit, you can book a blood draw through Phlebotomy services with or without centrifugation.

FDX Brain Check

Cognitive affecting issues such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia have now become the UK’s number one cause of death, overtaking Cardiovascular disease. Dementia is thought to affect 1 in 14 over 65’s, and over 40,000 people in the UK under 65 have been diagnosed with early onset Dementia.


Price includes all the phlebotomy services, centrifugation, refrigeration, transport, analysis and a comprehensive, accurate and clear report.

How it works

Wait up to 5 days to receive your test kit.

Once received, book an appointment online, for a blood draw. Our Phlebotomist will guide you throughout the process. How to prepare.

Now more than ever, it’s time to take control of cognitive health. FDX Brain Check is formulated to provide a comprehensive investigation into factors affecting the health of the brain, including; inflammation, cardiovascular dysfunction, toxic metals, endocrine and immune system function, hormone balance, key vitamins and minerals, plus markers associated with depression, anxiety, ADHD and any kind of personality disorder.

Suitable for:

  • Those who would like a comprehensive review of their cognitive health.
  • Those concerned or wanting to know more about their health outlook, looking to identify potential areas for cognitive decline risk.
  • Those interested in ageing well and looking to future proof their health and wellbeing / reduce the ageing process on their cognitive performance.
  • Those with conditions or symptoms that suggest concerns to cognitive function such as Cardiovascular Disease, high blood pressure, Diabetes, metabolic conditions, memory changes, cognitive changes.
  • Those with family history of ageing and degenerative cognitive conditions.


How it works

The price includes all the phlebotomy services, centrifugation, refrigeration, transport, analysis and a comprehensive, accurate and clear report.

Please read the notes below, before booking your appointment online.

Functional DX Kits

If you have ordered a Functional DX Blood Test Panel, please wait up to 5 days to receive the Test Kit by post to your address. Then, call reception to book an appointment for your blood draw, or book online

Remember, to bring your test kit with you to the appointment.

For urgent requests, please contact reception on 020 8458 7869.

How to Prepare

How do I prepare for my test?

  • Do not eat for 12 hours before your blood test.
  • Drink plenty of water before your blood test.
  • Do not stop any medications, unless advised by your health care practitioner.

Required for a Functional DX blood test:
Stop any supplementation 24-48 hours before testing.

If you have any questions, or for a comprehensive advisory on blood tests, book a consultation with Marina Townsley, Naturopath.

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