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If you have already have a Cyrex, Nationwide Pathology, FDX, or other, blood test kit, you can book a blood draw through Phlebotomy services with or without centrifugation.

FDX Check

Do you need a general comprehensive and affordable blood panel and report? If fatigue and low energy are issues, or if you want to determine the specific needs, deficiencies, and imbalances of your client at a budget price then FDX Check is for you.


Price includes all the phlebotomy services, centrifugation, refrigeration, transport, analysis and a comprehensive, accurate and clear report.

How it works

Wait up to 5 days to receive your test kit.

Once received, book an appointment online, for a blood draw. Our Phlebotomist will guide you throughout the process. How to prepare.

FDX Check has now been upgraded to also include Vitamin D, which is vital in supporting numerous body functions.

It’s difficult to support and create a specific health plan for achieving optimal health without a good understanding of what’s going on inside the body. Our signature blood testing and interpretations offer accurate monitoring of your health status serving as a roadmap for your nutrition plan. Armed with the in-depth analysis of the current health condition, you can now make accurate, patient-specific recommendations about nutrition, supplementation ,and nutraceutical use.

Suitable for:

  • Those who want to assess their baseline state of health
  • Those who do not feel at their optimal best


The Signature FDX Check is a perfect starting point to evaluate and check your health status. Great value for those on a budget. It reveals important information about the state of health of 13 body systems including your vascular system, liver, kidneys, blood cells, thyroid and more. Upgrade this test within 30 days of order to FDX Inspect, FDX Ultra, Femme Inspect and Men Inspect.


How it works

The price includes all the phlebotomy services, centrifugation, refrigeration, transport, analysis and a comprehensive, accurate and clear report.

Please read the notes below, before booking your appointment online.

Functional DX Kits

If you have ordered a Functional DX Blood Test Panel, please wait up to 5 days to receive the Test Kit by post to your address. Then, call reception to book an appointment for your blood draw, or book online

Remember, to bring your test kit with you to the appointment.

For urgent requests, please contact reception on 020 8458 7869.

How to Prepare

How do I prepare for my test?

  • Do not eat for 12 hours before your blood test.
  • Drink plenty of water before your blood test.
  • Do not stop any medications, unless advised by your health care practitioner.

Required for a Functional DX blood test:
Stop any supplementation 24-48 hours before testing.

If you have any questions, or for a comprehensive advisory on blood tests, book a consultation with Marina Townsley, Naturopath.

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