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Are you missing your ergonomically arranged workstation? That comfortable chair at the office? 

I decided to write this because, I’ve taken a few calls recently from clients complaining of increased neck pain and stiffness. What can you do to help your situation?

Firstly – how are you working?

Being aware is an important first step to making changes.

We don’t all have adequate office space at home and maybe there are 2 or more of you sharing the space.

Are you working from a laptop and not a desktop? Do you usually have 2 screens and now you working from a small laptop screen?

Are you perched up on a stool, your feet not reaching the floor? No proper support? Or are you sitting on the sofa that is far too soft that you are all hunched over.

Are you sitting on the floor? On the bed? Are you sitting at a table that is wrong height for you or on a chair that is too short for you?

How many hours a day are you spending in this position?  Do you take regular breaks? 

And above all we not all born equal!  Some have long legs and others long bodies! So there is not one solution that fits everyone.

 What we will be discussing over next few weeks is how to deal with our posture, our equipment, our space, I will try and give some solutions to what I hear are issues, if you have questions do direct them by email and I will attempt to answer.

Your first task

Observe – your symptoms, your space, your hours spent at computer, how much you move in the day.

Have hourly breaks when you move about or do the exercise programme that Alex suggests. 

Watch “5 minutes Home Office Workout”

Dr. Alexander Guimaraes, Exercise Physiologist

Exercise- check out Eva’s video for some spinal mobilising exercises

Project –If you have time, space, money to sort out your workstation that is great!  You can use the diagram and take some measurements and make it a project. As a word of caution please do not cut the legs of your table! … and yes, it is a true story! ( more about this next time)

Watch “Self Mobilisation for Prolonged Sitting Postures”

Eva Hadjidemetri, Chartered Physiotherapist

The Ideal position:

  • Keep head relaxed on top of neck
  • Keep head over shoulders
  • Shoulders should be relaxed not raised or hunched over
  • Arms relaxed at your side
  • Keyboard should be elbow height
  • Elbows should be at 90degree angle
  • Wrists should be straight and relaxed
  • Cushion behind back to maintain the curve
  • Feet should be flat on the ground

In an ideal world this is how you will set up your workstation and the closer you get to this position the better for you. But what can you do if the Ideal is not possible?

Check out more next time! Don’t forget to send questions via email.

Have a good week

Charmaine Smyth

Charmaine Smyth, Chartered Physiotherapist

Chartered Physiotherapist MSc HCPC MCSP
Bachelor Physiotherapy MCSP HCPC

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