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At Sutherland House, we have seen that in certain circumstances home visits can be a real-life solution for some physio patients, as a one-off or as a series of regular appointments. We understand that sometimes, often when you need a physiotherapist the most, it just isn’t practical to get to a clinic.

In this blog we take a look at three common reasons our patients, carers or residential home staff decide to book a physio to visit to their home.

1. Post Surgery

For anyone who has had an operation, such as a knee or hip replacement, physiotherapy is key to making a good recovery. Driving post-surgery is often not possible, or advisable and even getting a lift from carers, friends or family can be difficult, due to work and other commitments. Rehabilitation at home can be the best or only solution.

Optimising the benefits for recovery with regular physio guidance and exercises, requires a home visit because travel to a clinic is just not a viable option. A series of home appointments can ensure that no time is lost post-op, from moving towards recovery with the benefits of a personalised physio program, while a patient is unable to travel.

2. When age-related mobility is an issue, even at home

As we get older, a loss of mobility can make navigating the home for day to day tasks more difficult. Perhaps there are stairs or new obstacles that make getting to the bathroom, or to the lounge and into a chair a major mission! Perhaps you or a relative are now spending time in a residential day care centre or a new residential home and need increased expert care.

Physio home visit 4

Age related mobility

Having a qualified physiotherapist come to visit, means that you can be treated in the most convenient and familiar place for you. It also means that physio treatment time can be used to build strength, optimise mobility and take steps towards independence and confidence in your own surroundings.

3. When maintaining a physiotherapy exercise routine is difficult (especially for children)

Child and parent

For a physiotherapist, one of the most difficult areas can be ensuring that an advised physio exercise programme is carried out! This can also be the case for a patient or carer too. In these cases, when for various reasons it is difficult for a patient or a parent to ensure that a habitual practice is stuck to, a regular appointment at home can help. If a physiotherapist comes to your home then we can help to maintain the routine of a physiotherapy exercise programme, and help you to maximise improvements and long-term physical benefits.

Home Visits available in North London

Anna Steele-Finkelstein is a qualified physiotherapist who has a commitment to the local community, if you would like to book a home visit  appointment with Anna, please call our friendly team on 020 8458 7869.


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